Sunday, June 5, 2011

KUHO PLUS Limited Edition

Recently in my chemistry class, I studied about some environmental heros who care about the environment more than other people do. Although those people are good at their careers, they also apply some environmental values to their work so that they don’t hurt the environment in their processes of doing their jobs. While surfing the web, I read an article about a designer named Jung, Ku Ho, who cares very much about the environment and animals. His design is known to be very creative and unique because it is different from others; while looking at some of his clothes, I noticed that all of his clothes contained geometric lines or shapes in them.

Every year, KUHO has a period of promotion during which it sells limited editions to people. This year, the concept is know to be ‘de stijl’, a combined sport in the 1920s. This year’s designs are very three-dimensional, and they are perceived not merely clothes, but pieces of artwork.

This year, the limited edition of KUHO, which is called KUHO PLUS, has many clothes made of light textiles that are convenient for people to wear while they are spending time outside on hot summer days. The colors included in the collection are beige, white, and black, the most basic colors. This year, KUHO is planning on helping out needy children and abandoned animals, so I think it is definitely not a bad choice for people to buy KUHO-PLUS clothes both for their styles and their intentions!


Friday, June 3, 2011

Yangjae Flower Market

Finally, summer has come! After the long, cold winter, spring passed by quickly with rainy days, and now summer is here! These days, when I go outside, I can feel the almost unendurable heat of the hot summer of Korea. Today I went to the Yangjae flower market with my parents because we wanted to buy some flowers to decorate our veranda with. At the flower market, a variety of flowers were being sold at cheaper prices than they are usually sold in smaller flower markets. I think this is because at the Yangjae flower markets, people sell large amounts of flowers at a time while at smaller markets, people sell flowers in little numbers which give them less profits. Although I wasn’t really excited to go to the flower market at first, when I got to see all the different flowers at the market, it was nice to notice the signs of summer and freshness. Also, there were many kinds of flowers that I had never seen before because many of the market people made new species of flowers by mixing two or more different types of plants. Right now, my house is decorated with many flowers that I bought today so it feels like summer has reached our house too!